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Strawberry Basil & Feta Cheese Pizza

Some people want to laze around in bed on weekend mornings. Not me. I’m not exaggerating when I say I… Continue reading »

Bucatini with Sicilian Meatballs

    My mother used to make spaghetti and meatballs almost every Sunday as we were growing up. It really… Continue reading »

Easy Pasta Fagioli (Pasta & Bean Soup)

Last week I turned 53. That doesn’t sound like a very attractive number to me, and I’m not even sure… Continue reading »

Florentine Cookies (Laceys)

Please don’t look at these cookies and think they are too complicated for you to make. They aren’t! If you… Continue reading »

Tuscan Style Tomato Stew with Italian Sausage and Cannellini Beans

This post was supposed to be about my daughter Jasmine’s 22nd birthday cake, except the one I made a couple… Continue reading »

Eggplant and Bolognese Pizza

I’m thinking about making a New Year’s resolution to make and eat pizza at least once a week. That’s because… Continue reading »

Pasta Bolognese (Italian Meat Sauce)

I know there are folks who add ground beef to tomato sauce and call it bolognese. I don’t mean to… Continue reading »

Fig and Anise Biscotti

Sometimes joy can be found in the most unexpected places. My 87-year old mother now lives in a senior community with… Continue reading »


Of all the things I love to  cook, this simple little caponata recipe is by far one of my favorites…. Continue reading »

Sfingi (Sicilian Donuts/Fritters)

  I always enjoy talking to my Sicilian mom about food. After knowing her for, well, my whole life, I… Continue reading »